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Dear Bill Patient Questionnaire

Do patient questionaires work?Dear Bill

I've been listening to your new CD set, "The Seminar.” I look forward to getting in my car now because that is where I listen to it. So far, I've been glued to the seminar.

I have a question. I'm very much the type of person who is attached to what people think of me. I get a ton of new patients but hardly any of them stay. My average is about 8 - 10 new patients a week. My average patient visits each week are about 80. I take that a little personally and I want to know why they haven't come back, or they quit their care early. Anyhow, my question is, is there anything wrong with sending out a patient questionnaire, to all the patients to get some feedback? If so, do you have any samples, or ideas of what to ask?

Dr. Attached to What People Think

Dear Dr. Attached to What People Think

I wouldn’t bother with a patient questionnaire. It’s unlikely to uncover the information you’re looking for. Patients will say you’re great and they were delighted with the care you provided. And why wouldn’t they? You’re a great guy who didn’t confront their beliefs, didn’t expect them to adopt chiropractic as a lifestyle and didn’t demand anything from them.

Sounds like you gave them some spinal first aid, but didn’t effectively communicate the greater implication and whole-body effects of chiropractic. To do that, you must transcend from the “Pain Story” or the “Bone Story” into the “Nerve Story” or “Lifestyle Story.”

That’s okay. What you gave them was better than drugs or surgery. But my guess is that showing up as the savior by offering pain relief is not only easier to communicate, what patients really want and what insurance companies will pay for, but it also supplies adequate amounts of patient appreciation and gratitude.

Until you acknowledge your moral obligation to expand a patient’s understanding and risk the potential patient rejection, you’re unlikely to get off the new-patient-pain-relief treadmill and have a stable, predictable practice. A survey is unlikely to supply the necessary courage.

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Tony Russo:

Right on Bill,
My practice is exactly the same as his. Only I'm at about 107/week. But I got over the "why they'e not coming back." They come back. And when they do, more stay. I let them tell me. And you can give the lifestyle message without upsetting them... too much.

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