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Monday Morning Motivation

Greater impact can be achieved by removing, rather than adding.

We seem inclined to think that by acquiring more techniques, knowledge or procedures we'll enjoy greater success. But that's window dressing. You and I show up fully equipped. Instead...

Remove procrastination, rather than adding to your to do list. Remove interferences, rather than adding a work-around. Remove distractions, rather than adding more hours. Remove generalities, rather than adding excuses. Remove complexity, rather than adding new procedures. Remove attachment, rather than adding blame. Remove deception, rather than adding compromise. Remove friction, rather than adding force. Remove distrust, rather than adding rules. Remove tension, rather than adding relief. Remove doubt, rather than adding faith.

Our influence is blunted and our vision obscured by the needless baggage from the past. By believing we lack the ingredients of success, we tend to search, collect and accumulate. Instead, shed what is no longer needed. Simplify. Grow.

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Bill Lawler:

I'm in accord on the removing the negative as opposed to adding something more, (innate wisdom has been with us from the beginning).

I'm presently training for summer triathlons and in swimming it's not about more arm speed or kicking harder, instead it's about simplifying one's stroke and causing less friction and resistance in the water...a seeming appropriate metaphor for your Monday Morning Wisdom.


Bill Lawler

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