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Monday Morning Motivation

What if all the focus on doing this or doing that was replaced by a greater emphasis on being?

Instead of wondering what you'd need to do to stimulate referrals, consider how you'd need to show up so patients would be inclined to refer. Instead of concentrating on what to do to generate new patients, what character would you need to posses to attract vast numbers of new patients? Instead of the content and form of your report of findings, what if you invested your energy into being confident, optimistic, certain and compassionate?

Who you're "being" begins with your beliefs. Do you believe you're a spine fixer? A symptom reliever? A healing facilitator? A visit schedule enforcer? A problem solver? A health care provider? A skeptic converter? A miracle worker? A healer? A coach? An educator? A savior?

The number of patients showing up for you is merely a reflection of who you're showing up as for them!

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Bob Wagner:

Sounds like I showed up at the right time and place this weekend! Thanks for putting together the conversation and bringing our heads back in to our practices! :)

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