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Monday Morning Motivation

Are you toiling merely for the promised reward of retirement?

Remember, we're wired to move, create, serve, right wrongs, alleviate suffering and commit ourselves to the pursuit of something meaningful and bigger than ourselves. Yes, we must rest from time to time to recreate and renew. But the notion that our purpose is to endure a wearisome daily grind so we can finally languish unused, is to trivialize the gift of life.

If you're not experiencing frequent bouts of deep, soul-satisfying fulfillment, an exotic vacation will be a hollow reminder that you're squandering your gift. A month or two of retirement would likely be even more disappointing.

If practice is a struggle, you've either made chiropractic small, reducing it to a spinal therapy, made practice about you or have allowed your practice to become irrelevant or outdated. No wonder it's tempting to look forward to three-day weekends, yearn for do nothing vacations and dream of retirement.

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Rick Hasemeier D.C.:

Raise the game to a new level by acquiring more tools in your tool box. Learn how to work with patients with various techniques that address nutritional problems and ask better questions about their overall health and monitor other health improvements other then pain.

Andrea Steffins:

So what is the solution? My husband has been in practice 5 years and this is where we are. What is the remedy?

WDE: The solution is in the final paragraph.

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