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Monday Morning Motivation

If patients think your adjustments are doing the healing, you've created an unhealthy co-dependency that obscures the truth.

Showing up as a "fixer" is an all too common symptom of underperforming practices. It makes the relationship about you and what you're doing, rather than the patient and the potential their maker gave them to heal from the inside out. What they bring to your table is more important than what you do on the table.

This week, be slow to accept credit for the progress mentioned by patients. Similarly, be slow to become defensive when patients seem frustrated over the pace of their recovery. Instead, be curious about what other factors may be preventing the healing process from manifesting.

In the same way your car keys merely unleash what was built into your car when it was manufactured, adjustments help release what each patient was given by their maker. Taking credit for it is tempting, but unwise.

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The initial visit sets the tone about the process of healing that is occurring in the patients body. The story that you are guiding their inborn/innate healing potential back on course, relieves you from what the outcome is. The patient then knows their choices and actions influence their own health. Be the guide on the road to your patient's greater health.

As in the words of BJ Palmer "Take no credit, take no blame." Whenever a person receives an adjustment one of three situations will occur. Nothing can happen, something can happen or everything can happen. In either case the patient has to work through whatever happens. They may oscillate through these stages. But the response is their reponse. As long as the patient is given an awarenss, then they will understand the importance of their care regardless of temporary responses. Hence knowing they are their expereince.

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