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Monday Morning Motivation

Are you a new patient farmer or a miner?

Do you see your community as fertile soil for planting seeds, or a place to stake your claim on new patient "ore" to be extracted before another chiropractor moves into your territory and gets it?

Farmers plant seeds, cultivate, fertilize and trust nature. They know there is no reaping without sowing. Miners take what is already there and rely on their self-effort.

If you believe there are a limited number of new patients to go around, you're practicing as a miner. If you tell the chiropractic story to strangers, trusting enough seeds will fall on fertile ground and move them to become new patients, you're a new patient farmer.

New patient mining is risky. You're at the mercy of insurance companies and ever-changing state and provincial laws. Want to help more people? Do more farming.

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Are spinal screenings mining? Cold calling, TV/radio advertising etc.? Farming is cultivating, growing and reaping in our case relationships, trust, listening and respect. These attributes take time and if you take YOUR time to listen and understand, it doesn't become a contest to sign a patient up.
Mining is like a quick growth fertilizer, lots of leaf, no long term sustainability and is fear driven. These practices often use scare tactics. If you were a client of your own practice how would you want to be treated?

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