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For or Against?

for_against.jpgYou can’t win by being against. It immediately puts you on the defensive, which is not only a trap, but it practically dooms you to a marginalized existence. Countless chiropractors find themselves in this predicament, having found themselves in a battle against this or that. You may recognize some of the more common targets. They’re against...

Ritalin Tubes in the ears Vaccinations Fast food Medical doctors Surgery Drugs Symptom-treating Physical therapy Insurance companies HMOs Smoking Aspartame Obesity

You get the idea. You can’t advance yourself, your practice or chiropractic by being against any of these. At best, you may be able to resist or impede them. But you will not win. This is especially true if you find yourself having made your practice about being against subluxations.

If your clinical intention is a search and destroy mission against the evil subluxation, you have sentenced yourself to a life of frustration, having surrounded yourself with annoying patients who just don’t get it. Your anti-subluxation stance makes you as foolish as the medical doctor who thinks health results by killing germs or numbing the body so it can’t sense pain. It’s just that you have a different boogieman and your strategy is a less dangerous. But winning? Unlikely.

This inclination to rally against this or that shows up when you ask chiropractors, “What makes your practice different from other chiropractors?”

Stand clear. You’re about to get an earful.

“Well, I don’t make patients wait until the second visit to adjust them, I don’t make patients attend a lecture, I don’t use therapy and I certainly don’t make patients come in for the rest of their lives!”

Defining your practice by what you don’t do has little utility. It does keep things nice and small. Manageable. You have this “do-gooder” mentality; this air of superiority as if you alone posses the truth. But you have been deceived.

Busy practices full of loyal patients who show up willing to pay cash aren’t doing so because the chiropractor is anti-anything. More likely, you’ll discover the chiropractor is championing something quite different. He or she is for...

Health Responsibility Choice Respect Freedom Performance Optimization Natural Acceptance Growth Adaptation Peace Abundance Encouragement Love Ease Truth

As you mount your resistance to subluxations, ignorant chiropractors, the pharmaceutical industry or any other entity that produces enough angst to face a parade of unappreciative patients, you’re actually serving to validate and energize your “enemy.” By being against this or that, you give it energy and attention. So, naturally it grows, responding to your every move with an equal and opposite counter move that produces the current stalemate.

Our so-called War on Poverty, War on Drugs, War on Terrorism and war on anything else make nice battle cries, but have been largely ineffective. Even Mothers Against Drunk Driving have to credit the move towards harsher penalties for those caught driving drunk for the recent decline in alcohol-related traffic deaths.

Being anti-subluxation or anti-anything creates a little problem. Because even if you were to win (you won’t), your limited vision won’t equip you to enjoy the prize. Like a dog that acquires the habit of chasing passing cars, once he catches one he doesn’t quite know what to do with it! Obtaining your identity by what you’re against, surrenders all your power.

Many in chiropractic have defined themselves and their life’s work by what they’re against. A century later, we have proof that this strategy doesn’t work. Chiropractic will assume its rightful place only when enough chiropractors (and their patients) know what chiropractic stands for. Start inside your practice. Plant your flag. Be known for what you stand for!

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Tyson Carter:

Bill, thank you for again saying what needs to be understood in this profession. I join with you in standing for the truth. I don't waiver in my stance, but I do understand the level of thinking that I went through to get where I am today. And I truly respect the level of thinking where others are currently residing.

Chiropractic is about LIFE and what makes people LIVE!!! (BJ Palmer)

I focus on LIFE and how to continually stay on a lifelong course to its fullest expression. I live this way to BE an example to all those I come in contact with, so that they may receive a glimpse of our God-given birthright - THE RIGHT TO 100% LIFE EXPRESSION!

Chiropractic is about LIFECARE and once we embrace and inspire others on this simple, simple notion we will be completely recognized as a profession that is about service, love, peace, joy and abundance to humankind!!

Speak the truth!


Fantastic piece here. Yes, yes, yes.

I'm a new chiropractor, and was introduced to chiropractic by a family friend who is the example antagonist in this piece. And though he did introduce me to the profession -- thank God -- I went in feeling a sense of loathing and foreboding for all chiropractors who did not or weren't ever going to practice the way that he did. Divisively.

Thank you for addressing this problem. There is nothing here to disagree about. It's the right idea.

Dr. Dale C. Forsythe:

I could not agree more - it's called the Law of Attraction and it is a Universal Law that is not denied. In Canada our chiropractic politicians have marketed chiropractic as a back pain, headache and neck pain profession for the last 40 years plus and not surprisingly the public only thinks of us in those terms. They certainly do not think of us in terms of wellness promotion although within the profession here we talk like that is what we do. Being careful what we talk about begins by being careful what we think about!

Dr. Andrew Joyce:

I will say anyone who has watched the secret would agree with you. I have recently went to a millionaire mind intensive seminar that was life changing. We learned that whatever you focus on expands in your life. This was obvious to me in the first few years of my marriage as well. My wife said we don't seem to have as much in common as when we were dating.... OOPs. I realized I was focused on all the things I didn't like. Thanks for the reminder.
Yours in health,
Dr. Andrew

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