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Monday Morning Motivation

While the fear of failure gets all the press, that's not what really holds us back. What actually stops us is the fear of blame. The fear of criticism. The fear of judgment. And the big one: the fear of responsibility.

Turns out, mistrusting our ability to achieve pales in comparison to the sting we imagine from what others may think or say about us. This keeps innovative projects from being launched, lectures from being delivered, convictions from being expressed and lives from being inspired.

"Who am I to make a difference?" we lie to ourselves.

Living small doesn't become someone who knows the truth about health and healing. Attempting to fly under the radar doesn't suit a revolutionary. Trying to fit in, be accepted and toe the line is actually a treaty with doubters and detractors.

Be responsible. Tell the truth. Plant your flag. And do so boldly.

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Marty Calliham:

Bill, thanks for this one. You nailed it!

I've been enjoying Monday Morning Motivation for years, even though I'm not a chiropractor!

Keep it coming...


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