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Monday Morning Motivation

Do you take time out for you? If you're like most chiropractors, you're so busy doing, doing, doing that you've neglected you!

When was the last time you ducked into your favorite ice cream parlor? Or sat with a cappuccino on a park bench? Or indulged in a massage? Or just stopped to study a flower or listen to the birds discuss the day?

Have you become a human doing?

Many of us have been misled into believing that success and happiness is acquired through doing. Doing it better, faster, this way or that way. It's not true. If you study the busiest practitioners they are first masters of being. Being certain. Being clear. Being decisive. Being discerning. Being intuitive. Being present. Being comfortable in their own skin. All of which is nearly impossible if your head is always down, bulldozing your way through each day, simply doing the doings of chiropractic.

Pamper yourself. Clear your mind. Come up for some air. Be!

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eric harrison:

Hey Bill, Great point on spending time for ourselves, while we're at it make sure we include our spouse or significant other with that. We're often not the only ones who make a sacrifice of time to run successfull practices. Not to mention that we can't truly be successful in the office if we fail at home!

Thanks for your great messages each week

Dr. Eric Harrison

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