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Monday Morning Motivation

Giving a better report, a better adjustment or cleaning up your procedures produce only modest gains. Sure, a 2% increase here or a 5% improvement there can add up.

But for significant growth, you'll want to look deeper. Breakthrough growth is only possible by changing what you believe. Busier practitioners hold a different set of beliefs:

A patient's rejection of care isn't a rejection of me.
I only invest my energy in things I can do something about.
I'm willing to risk a relationship if it means compromising the truth.
I focus on those who show up, not those who miss.
I have total certainty in what I do.
I must hold myself to high standards—even when no one is watching.
I know who I am and I'm comfortable with it.

These are rarely visible when touring a high-performing practice. They often use pretty much the same patient education materials, techniques and procedures that you do. But they show up embracing a very different set of beliefs.

Do you believe that?

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Dr. Blackgrape:

All these tenets ring true, yet the first one I have a hard time swallowing whole-hog.

What does one do when the rejection of care IS a rejection of the doctor or the practice? How responsible is it to the patient in need, the people we employ and the family we try to provide for when we "let go" of doggedly determining what possibly simple, curable things in a practice that causes patients to walk?

And doesn't that, to some degree, involve focusing on who isn't showing up?

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