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In Memory

willtickel.jpgOne of the bright lights in chiropractic was extinguished over the weekend. Will Tickel, DC was one of my early inspirations. Perhaps our shared background in advertising and love of the English language brought us together. We would often exchange articles, thot pieces, as Will would say, in the hopes the other would either confirm our allegations and insights or provide clarity or direction for their improvement.

Inspired by his book, Down Right! Up Right! Chiropractic Inside-Out published in 1987, I asked Will to write the Introduction to my first book, A Patient’s Point of View. More recently, on the back cover of his second book One Liners, describes Dr. Tickel as the “Will Rogers of chiropractic.” That’s it! His folksy, unassuming personality showed up in his writing that while cerebral, was approachable and filled with “thot-full” examples and earthy frankness.

A philosopher. A chiropractor. A friend. I’m going to miss Will. Chiropractic is going to miss Will. I miss him already.

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Ann Krake:

I just put Dr. Tickel's name into Google to try to find his most current contact information. Since I moved from Cincinnati in Dec. 2004, I wanted to catch up with Will and ask him for a referral since we've moved again. I am reeling right now from the news of his death and feeling such grief. I had no idea the community had suffered such a loss nor what his family was/is going through. I am so, so sorry for your loss. Though Will was my primary, both he and Pam gave me the most wonderful care. And Hunter even worked on my toes one day. Involving all his family in as much as he could was very important to Will, and I had a lot of respect for that and most everything else he stood for. I always felt so good in his presence. He was, it seems to me, some days the only person who was truly happy to see me. And I always felt that way about him, too. We had some wonderful, stimulating conversations to go along with the healing I got from him. He's someone I've thought of frequently since we left Cincinnati, and I've never found a chiropractor as good in all our travels and moves. I doubt I ever will.

Will truly is one of the greatest people I've had the pleasure of meeting during my life. I'm sad that no others will get to experience the being that was Will and so grateful to have had him in my life.

Mark Songer:

I and my family were patients of Dr. Tickel in Oswego Illinois.

I was speaking to a local Chiropractor where I live now and was telling him about Will. He knew exactly who I was talking about. Today he came in to where I work for some business and told me that shortly after that conversation he had heard about the accident.

I'm stunned. Although it's been nearly fourteen years since last I've seen him, there are still things that remind me of him. Then I remember our first visit, first adjustment, the period though my wifes pregnancies, the time where for some reason I couldn't turn my head left. And how he would take such good care of us and our children. We weren't just patients. I know we weren't the exception in that respect.

I wish his family well as he did mine.

Hunter Tickel:

Hi this is Will Tickel's youngest son the baby of the family. Today marks a year since my Daddy was taken from me. I miss him a lot and the pain I feel inside is almost unbearable. I have never asked God Why because it is not in our place to question the lords will. It is up to us to decide what to do with our lives with my Daddy's passing and the situation at hand. I love you Daddy and your legacy will live on through me and all of your children. I am 16 and I have moved on with my life everyday I see myself becoming Daddy more and more. I was going to get my sisters old car when I got my license but it was lost in the accident so now I drive around in my Daddy's car. I am in college taking classes UC at a very young age just like my brothers and sisters did. Daddy is proud of me and how I have stepped up and became the man when he checked out on me in a very crucial point in my life. I stay up until wee hours in the morning writing papers just like he used to. I think I am going to major in journalism and be a writer just like my Daddy. I still wear a couple of his clothes and take pride in the fact that I am living his life even though its hard knowing that he is not here living his own life. I still go to him with advice and we have developed a relationship that could have never been possible had he still been alive. Your Son Hunter.
your prayers are apreciated you can contact me at

Shea Stoiber:

How truly sorry we are to hear of Dr. Tickel's passing. He meant the world to us and especially to me. He healed more than just your bones. He also worked on the wounded spirit. We were truly sadden when he left Oswego and now even more saddened that he has passed away. We will keep you always in our prayers, May God continue to hold you and bless you in his care.
Shea & Randy Stoiber
Sugar Grove, IL

Dr. Howard Boos:

This is one of those moments in my life that I will never forget. I am sitting at the kitchen table tonight with tears in my eyes after glancing at the front page of a chiropractic newspaper and learning of my dear friend Dr. Will Tickel's departure from this physical plane. The name, Dr. Will Tickel, was and always will be a giant in the history of chiropractic. My prayers are with his family and that I can begin to touch as many spines and hearts that Will touched.

Dr. Kurt Froese:

I never met Will but he gave me something tremendous that continues to touch me profoundly even after 13 years. While in school I had a poster (that I hung right by my bed) that I made from his exact words:

"Healers arn't made in Chiropractic school. Healers are made of the heart, of the intent. Healers don't heal people. Healers witness the healing of God in people."

Dr. Bill Tickel:

Hi. Bill here. Will's oldest and proudest son. I'm sorry not everyone found out about my dads passing. He was a passenger in a horrific car accident. They (my brother Geoff - he's fine) hit a city bus in Cincinnati head on and actually died at the scene. Dead for 15 minutes a passerby was able to blow into him until help arrived. That happened on Dec 7 at 10:28 am on the way to the office. We were able to spend 4 days with him. He would turn his head to us in the early hours of the day for the first 3 days. He eventually became brain dead and we had to say goodbye. It was terrible on us and on several others. In his short time here in Cincinnati he impacted hundreds. About 800 people were at the funeral - packed it out and all 6 of his kids got to speak about Dad. We were thankful for the last 4 days with him. We hurt bad at the time. The shock of it all is beginning to wear off and I know that I'm really starting to struggle hard right now and I pray for the future as well as the now. We have a website set up where you can share your thoughts or sign a guest book. I welcome and encourage you to do so. Thank you for loving my dad and showing your pain. Love to all of you. Bill. If anyone would like to talk to me my cell # is 513-314-5504.

Dr. Keith Thomson:

Will was someone who I always looked forward to seeing. He inspired me and made me think. He was called home way to soon for my liking. His passing still brings a tear my eye and a pain in my heart. Our loss, heaven's gain.

Terry Magee:

Any info on how to get Dr. Tickle's books? Does he have a web site?

Dr. Kevin W. Ross:

I am sad and angry at the same time... Why did we not hear of his passing sooner? He truly was a great chiropractor and lover of our profession. At Palmer, inspite of the tension at the time, he imparted some of the deep core truths of chiropractic that stay with me today.

Chiropractic will never be the same.
Kevin W. Ross

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