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Premature Dismissal

goodbye.jpgQ: "I have more patients self-dismiss prematurely than I should. Do you know of some scripting for the ROF that would help to minimize this or at least change how they go about it?"

A: Depends why they self-dismiss. Here are a couple of possible reasons:

1. You're a rough adjuster, have an obnoxious personality or both
2. They're delighted with the care and don't see a need to continue
3. They're busy and visiting your office is an imposition
4. They don't see the need to continue their care

Need I go on? The list is endless.

Creating a "script" as if certain words will cast a spell on them and prevent them from exercising their free will is probably a waste of time. More important would be to embrace a 20- 30-year vision of the relationship, recognizing few patients "get" chiropractic on their first or even second exposure to it. And what you really want is the subsequent reactivation. (So don't annoy them or make them feel guilty for leaving! See my previous posting entitled Getting On and Getting Off.)

It's seems difficult for many chiropractors to grasp this, but what you call early dismissal may not be "early" in the eyes of the patient. Many believe that a patient leaving is a reflection on their report or something they should have said or done. Pretty unlikely. The reason probably has little to do with you.

Instead, your job is to tell your rendition of the chiropractic story. Why you think it could help them. Why you think it makes sense to continue. Why you and your family have chosen to embrace chiropractic as a lifestyle, rather than a short-term "diet." It's their job to decide if they agree with you and whether to embrace your vision. It's not personal. Just tell your story and trust the patient.

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Tony Russo:

Not one of your recent MMM though by no means any less fantastic. That IS what's going on with the patient. Add to that, economics of those with growing families and have to pay out of pocket. And if it's a choice between buying that extra dessert for their kids or paying you, the choice will be clearly "no contest".
I make it a point to go out of my way to say hi to patients at grociery stores, at the coffee shop or traffic ticket or property tax office, and they love it. So you're right when you say that they say, "that's my Chiropractor." And I always leave them with a joke. That's how I build my practice. As slow as molasses. That's how it grows, one patient at a time. Sure it's too slow. So if you're waiting for an injection of practice building, "forget-abbat-it". And don't get me wrong, it's difficult, notably difficult. But thanks to you and your insight I'm at least able to maneuver in these very difficult and uncertain times.
Thanks again Bill,

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