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Once a Week or Once a Year?

catchandrelease.jpgOn my most recent speaking gig, I and another speaker were invited to dinner by one of the attendees. As the dinner unfolded, I could tell I was dining with two chiropractors who take more of a short-term “catch and release” approach to patient care designed to ameliorate only the patient’s most obvious symptoms.

Eventually I asked how often both of them got adjusted.

My dinner host observed that while he employed associates who could be enjoined to adjust him at any time, he only availed himself of an adjustment once every two or three months. The other dinner guest confessed that he got adjusted maybe once or twice a year.

“So, how often do you get adjusted?” my dinner host asked.

“Usually about once a week,” I replied, producing a temporary lull in what had been a lively dinner conversation.

No wonder the six-visit-HMO chiropractors are so angry with the philosophically-oriented wellness chiropractors. My two dinner companions could get adjusted whenever they wanted to (without taking money out of circulation) but don’t, and I pay cash so I can get adjusted once a week.

I began processing this on the drive back to the hotel. What could explain the differences in our behaviors? It apparently wasn’t financial or convenience. Could it be they...

• Don’t experience the physical, emotional or chemical stressors I do?
• Aren’t in touch with their bodies enough to detect the need?
• Fear there are inherent risks associated with getting adjusted?
• Have a health model that doesn’t include prevention or wellness?

Maybe there are other reasons I’ve overlooked. (Let me know what they are.) But here’s the bottom line. We’ll never know which one of us has taken the better path. After all, we’re each “an experiment of one.”

No matter. Eventually gravity will win and we will each pass on. During that “dash” between our birth date and our death date each of us is granted the freedom to take care of our “soul package” the way we see fit. My guess is that as a chiropractor, you tend to attract those who see their body as you do.


Which is why being “against” your fellow chiropractors who have attracted a different “tribe” than you makes about as much sense as your left hand being jealous of your right.

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Bill - what you write is always good. This was great.

I appreciate the Monday Morning Motivation. It doesn't get looked at as often as it should but it's great to be reminded and when I do stop to take a look I am always rewarded generously.

It's good to see that you are out of that phase you were in when I saw you in Chelan a couple years ago. Where you're out now probably feels much better.

I've been wanting to implement the Wellness Wheel for some time and just haven't gotten around to it. Now I will... it's one more piece of paper but since I say I'm all about Wellness, it's in alignment (especially compared to the HIPPA/Informed Consent piece).

Thanks again,


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