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Showing Up as a Leader

superconference.jpgI attended The Masters Circle Super Conference this past weekend. It is by the far the classiest, most upscale success movement in the profession. At its root is their focus on quality and excellence. For years chiropractors have often seen themselves as second-rate doctors. So when an organization like the Masters Circle shows up with such a high-class, organized event, it sends shock waves of improved self-esteem throughout the profession.

This reminds me of the importance of showing up with the habit of making others big. If you can make each patient feel big, important, valuable, worthy and respected when they are in your presence, you make yourself attractive. (This is hard to do if you see yourself as an enforcer of visit schedules or a healthier-than-thou” preacher.) It’s this sense of value and appreciation that we all crave, yet rarely get fully satiated.

From the limo driver waiting at the airport holding a sign with my name on it to the fruit basket I found waiting for me in my room, it made me want to contribute in bigger and better ways than I ever imagined.

Which reminds me how important it is to lavish your appreciation on your support team. After all, they use the way you treat them as a metaphor for how they are expected to treat patients. Thus, demonstrating your trust and respect for your team is what allows busy practitioners to be 100% present in the adjusting room, avoiding the temptation to eavesdrop in on conversations at the front desk!

Both patients and staff and constantly watching you. Are you showing up as a partner and a leader or a boss and an order giver?

(Thanks Dr. Chris Cox for your $300 donation to Oklahaven by buying my tie!)

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Tony Russo:

Practice changing insight Bill,
I'm gong to print this and discuss this with my Assistant this morning. It's exactly what I've been trying to tell all the staff that have been in this Office. I ask them, "why do patients come to Russo Chiropractic"? And they fumble and wabble and hmmm and haahh and then they muster up the intelegent answer, "because we take away their pain, right?" Patience Russo, patience. Well, what about the people that come in here and they're still in pain? What about the people who are out of pain and want to stay out of pain? Why to they come to my Office and not the one down the street? Finally they come to the guided response I've coached them into which is, "they come here because of how this Office, me, you, the atmosphere, help them feel better about themselves." And you said it, probably 1 1/2 years ago.
Thank you.

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