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Monday Morning Motivation

Your practice is a manifestation of what you’re doing, which is the result of who you’re being, which is the result of what you believe.

If your practice isn’t what you want, here are some ways to get unstuck:

1. Know your purpose. If you lack the language to describe your reason for being, you’re missing a critical component needed to move forward. (By the way, your purpose isn’t to adjust as many people as possible! Confusing what we do with our purpose is a common misconception.)

2. Uncover the beliefs of someone experiencing what you want to experience. Don’t get distracted by their doing. Find out what they believe to be true. It’s what you believe to be true (that isn’t) that has you trapped.

3. Discontinue all distractions and addictions. Avoid all media, especially television, sugar, alcohol, pornography or any thing else you use to distract yourself.

Ultimately, getting unstuck is a spiritual exercise.

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B Dorny:

This is so very true. It may be dark outside, but if we are in a windowless room and the clock says it is noon we tend to believe it. Once we devest ourselves of distractions and additions we can really move fast. This is good advice for each of us. Good Luck with your efforts, it has worked for me for 65 yrs.

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