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Monday Morning Motivation

Pain, whether physical or emotional, is a warning sign.

While most chiropractors are comfortable working in the realm of physical pain, when confronted by emotional pain, theirs or a patient's, it's disorienting. Yet, the approach is actually the same: find the "subluxation."

The subluxation linked to emotional pain is often a hidden belief that is untrue. Believing a lie is the source of tremendous anguish and an unwillingness to accept "what is" produces needless suffering.

What do you believe (that isn't actually true) that is the source of your emotional pain, fear or anger? How have you been deceived, causing a distorted perception of what is so?

Blaming others, or our circumstances, creates a helplessness that stops us with inaction. Yet, facing the truth and putting ourselves right with what is, is a source of peace. This is one way the truth sets us… free.

Pray for the discernment to know what is, and isn’t, true.

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The awareness that one has of his/her beliefs and the impact on our choices we have available in life is dramatic. I have found both in my own life and lives of the people I guide,that seeing these filters of the world allows people to grow their physical and emotional health.

Working on subluxations created by emotions and limiting beliefs can make huge change in ones physical, chemical and emotional health status.

Thanks for all your soul searching writings,

Rick Hasemeier D.C.

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