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Getting On and Getting Off

You can get on and off whenever you want.On our recent trip to Washington, DC they seemed to be everywhere. In fact, I’d ridden tour buses in London, Barcelona and elsewhere. You don't have to worry about parking and you get a great overview of a city so you can get your bearings. Better yet, you can get on and off whenever you want. Some people choose to stay on for the entire circuit. Others get off with a moment's notice or at the slightest whim.

Kind of like chiropractic care.

This metaphor was brought to my attention this week by Dr. Rick Hasemeier. Think of the tour bus as our journey through life. Sometimes we’re on the bus attending to our health needs, and other times we’re lost in our own little world, exploring the Roosevelt Memorial or the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. With so many sights to see, and with so many tourists with so many different interests, it’s hard to predict which attractions a particular visitor will want to explore, or for how long.

But many chiropractors try. Mostly by imposing or projecting their interest in health onto their patients. It’s easy to get on the bus, but don’t try getting off the bus!

What if you made it easier for patients to get off the bus? What if, like the tour bus driver, you didn’t worry about who got off where and for how long? What if you saw your responsibility as that of merely a guide, providing fascinating commentary and background color for those who choose to ride with you?

Bet you’d have more fun and be less likely to take it personally when patients got off your bus from time to time to explore the city without you. After all, there’s more to life than getting adjusted. I know, shocking, but true.

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The metaphor of getting on and off bus was given to me at a recent seminar of Dr. Stuart White of Houston, Texas who has a succesful nutrition practice. This concept of being there to serve your patients for as long as they want to work with you works. Because his first new patient appointment slot is four months out in Feb. 2007.

Have the conversation in begining of your working together so the patient is okay with leaving and coming back. Dr. White commented that his practice is built on refferals of some patients and doctors refering over 200 indivudals to his practice.

So collect their ticket on the bus and create a space for getting on and off.

Rick Hasemeier D.C

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