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Australian No Lies Program

I’ve just returned from my tour of New Zealand and Australia. Wow! Ostensibly it began with a several presentations at the annual Lyceum hosted by the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. From there, I facilitated three small group presentations in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. Limited to 12 chiropractors, our one day together was preceded by 40 days of homework assignments. Our day of “accountability” served as a means to get participants to become present to who they are showing up as with their patients. A one-day debrief after 40 days of homework assignments!

Spending a day with these courageous chiropractors, willing to look at what they previously had been unwilling to look at was an incredible privilege. Instead of me standing in front of the room yakking all day, accompanied by a thoughtful PowerPoint presentation, I got to ask questions and facilitate an intimate conversation among a group of chiropractors who had tested themselves and monitored their internal environment.

For the first time, I felt like I had witnessed personal change. Something, I assert rarely happens in a hotel ballroom, sitting beside your staff, lost in a sea of faces and fed the usual rah-rah.

Hey, I’ve done that. It probably has a place. But as I begin the “back nine” of my life, I’m more interested in going deep than wide; seeing change, rather than just talking about it.

Here's what Dr. Orlando Nieves concluded:

"I found your approach and guidance to the days conversation to be very enlightening, engaging and entertaining....enough en's for you huh?... : ) I came along with an open mind and ready to be brutally honest with myself and others. It was very refreshing to find out how common your day to day practice problems are in a room with such different chiropractors, and their insights to those problems. It was truly an honest, self reveling worth while event.

"I have a renewed energy towards journaling and started focusing on what is important to me. This past week in practice I have focused on sharpening my skills at listening, watching and feeling..really just being in the moment. Thanks for kick start Bill."

Here's what Dr. Nicholas Armitage observed:

"It was great to identify those areas of practice where my beliefs weren't supporting me - and come up with new strategies specific to me. The week following was our biggest ever and we passed a major milestone. Great work and thanks again."

Hmmm. Maybe I should do this in the United States.

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Dr. Wanda Lee MacPhee:

I was wondering how the Australia lauch would go...maybe you should do this in Canada...

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