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Monday Morning Motivation | Success As a Shedding Process

Posted by William D. Esteb on

William D Esteb 

My experience has been that success is a shedding process, not an acquiring process. What do you need to slough-off to be more successful?

Procedures: The procedures that allowed you to help as many people as you're helping now, are unlikely to work when attempting to help more people.

Beliefs: Countless self-limiting beliefs serve as roadblocks to moving forward. Do you believe what chiropractors helping twice as many people believe?

Habits: Do your personal habits of health, punctuality, precision and openness allow you to help more people? Are you insisting on success on your terms?

Fears: Whatever you fear holds you in bondage. The only way to reduce their hold is to "enter the danger" and confront each and every one.

Tolerations: What are you putting up? What are you afraid to look at? What topic is taboo? New levels of success and fulfillment are found here. Go for it!

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