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Monday Morning Motivation | Banish Fear

Posted by William D. Esteb on

William D Esteb

Four ways to banish the bondage of fear:

1. When you experience fear it means you have left the present and are living in the future. Your imagination conjures up possibilities about what might happen. When you feel the feeling of fear, it's a reminder to return to the present where you have power and whatever you fear hasn't happened.

2. See fear as the bully it is. Like all bullies, if you stand up to it, it always backs down and slinks away. Fear depends upon your agreement to be a threat!

3. When you experience fear it means you have forsaken faith. You get to decide if this is a malevolent world or a benevolent world. Whichever you choose you will find ample proof to support it. Choose carefully.

4. As a form of spiritual oppression, rebuke the enemy and order it out of your life through prayer.

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