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Monday Morning Motivation | Being There

Posted by William Esteb on

William D Esteb

#11 of 13 questions to ask yourself: How can I be more present with patients?

Presence is a trait of the busiest chiropractors. Being fully present with patients is their hidden advantage.

Being present means showing up empty, without an agenda. (Procedure yes, agenda no.) Being present means being fully occupied with the person in front of you. (Abandon worry, fear and outside attentions.) Being present means surrendering to the hurt, frustration and apprehension that so many patients bring with them‚ so you can inspire them to be courageous, optimistic and trusting.

Presence is the tools of healers.

This week, be especially mindful to set aside your own worries or distractions that steal your presence. When brought into the adjusting room they pull you away from being resourceful and powerful. Patients deserve your 100% presence. Something difficult to offer if you’re living in the past (guilt) or the future (fear).

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Monday Morning Motivation | Ask Before Telling

For most of the history of chiropractic, two very simple things produced the largest practices: overwhelming clinical certainty and dogged patient education. To be clear, patient education isn’t yakking at a patient or filling the air with your words. That’s teaching. Nice, but it rarely changes a patient’s underlying beliefs.Effective patient education requires far more:Listening [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Getting New Patients

#9 of 13 questions to ask yourself: What's my plan to introduce chiropractic to more strangers? One of the greatest challenges of any small business is to get (and keep) customers (patients). Keep enough and you significantly reduce the number of new ones that you need. What's your plan to systematically introduce more people to chiropractic? Extraordinary [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Cost of Sales

#8 of 13 questions to ask yourself: How much does it cost me to see a patient? This, along with your case average, would be an important number to know about your practice. Especially before you start cutting deals with patients, negotiating with an insurance carrier or HMO. How do you determine this figure? Total monthly overhead [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | When Patients Can't Afford Care

#7 of 13 questions to ask yourself: What does it mean when patients say they can't afford care?Many patients use the convenient excuse that they can't afford to continue their care when their symptoms subside or when their insurance carrier balks.These may be patients who drive nicer cars than you (leased), live in a nicer [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Greatest Constraint

#6 of 13 questions to ask yourself: What is the greatest constraint in my practice? Your practice volume is based on your smallest constraint. You may want to see XX patients a day, but if something (a constraint) is limiting your volume to X patients a day, that's how many patients you'll see. Try as you [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Fear of Looking

#5 of 13 questions to ask yourself: What am I afraid to look at? Most of us have various scotomas resulting from our discomfort of being confronted with bad news, a taboo topic, our own incompetence, not looking good or a myriad of other reasons that constrain us from knowing the truth. So we don't ask. We [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Staffing the Front Desk

#4 of 13 questions to ask yourself: Do I have the right person at the front desk?He or she makes the critical first and last impression of your practice. They often spend more time with the patient than you do. They're your eyes and ears when you're busy helping others. They are often asked questions [...]

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Are You a One Trick Pony?

The chiropractors who believe they would be more successful with an expanded scope of practice that adds prescription drug rights seem to believe that their colleagues who just do adjustments are “one-trick ponies.”Is the chiropractic adjustment a wimpy response to the health issues patients face? Is the adjustment too limiting?Asked another way, is an adjustment [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Least Profitable Duties

#3 of 13 questions to ask yourself: What are my least profitable practice duties?The division of labor has helped propel our civilization forward. If we each had to produce the food we eat, that's pretty much all we would do. But thankfully, others attend to that, permitting each of us to contribute in other ways.Chances [...]

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