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Chiropractic supplies and patient education products from Patient Media simplify new patient orientation. Our videos and DVDs, along with our brochures and pamphlets, supply the essential explanations of chiropractic principles that every new patient should know. Created by William Esteb, equip your practice with these chiropractic supplies and give your report of findings greater impact. These are chiropractic supplies created by patients for patients. Read our chiropractic practice blog.

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Monday Morning Motivation | Success Leaves Clues - Fearless

Success leaves clues. Among the most common are chiropractors who face their fears.

While incremental improvements in procedure can grow a practice, quantum leaps occur through self-development. A practice grows only as the chiropractor grows. The surest way to do that is to shed self-limiting beliefs. Uncover them by taking an inventory of your fears, worries and concerns.

Perhaps it's the fear of calling patients after their first adjustment. Or asking for a long-term commitment at the report of findings. Or the tolerations you endure by not confronting a team member. Or taking a post-X-ray to see if you're delivering on your promise of making spinal changes. Or an audit letter from an insurance carrier.

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What I'm Reading | A More Beautiful Question

Ask better questions!If you recognize that patient communication breakthroughs and belief shifts occur from what you ask, rather than what you tell, then A More Beautiful Question, The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas represents an intellectual feast. What author Warren Berger has done is taken the Socratic Method and put it on steroids. The jacket cover design is lame and frankly the title of the book is even worse, but the content is absolutely brilliant. I'm going to read it a second time.


Monday Morning Motivation | Success Leaves Clues - Leaderhip

Success leaves clues. Among the most common are chiropractors who give a formal report of findings.

Forget about any notion of the perfect report of findings, if such a thing even exists. When you give a report of findings, you are exercising your role as a leader. Without laying out the evidence and making a case for your recommendations, you're surrendering your practice to the symptomatic, let's-give-it-try whim of each patient.

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Why I Feed the Birds

What are your spiritual disciplines?I have asserted that everything manifests spiritually before appearing physically. Everything. As in new patients, your life partner and anything else that you can eventually acknowledge through the five senses.

If that's true, then perhaps an unexplored area for practice growth could be in the spiritual domain. I'm guessing many practice coaches and consultants see the spiritual dimension as a third rail; too controversial to be explored. Might offend someone. Too bad, because the effect is to reduce practice success to the mere mechanics of some procedures and carefully scripted words.


Ask any chiropractor, who right now, with the specter of $5,000 deductibles and $45 copays, are experiencing their best year ever, if all it takes is the right set of words and procedures to excel. They'd probably burst into laughter.

Here are some of the spiritual dimensions of practice that busy chiropractors might identify:

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