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Monday Morning Motivation | What to Expect

Posted by William D. Esteb on

William Esteb

What are you waiting for? If you're waiting for more clarity about the future before taking action, allow me to explain what's coming.

You can expect huge amounts of opportunity accompanied by a commensurate amount of risk. Look forward to people prepared to exchange their hard earned money for something they want and value. Watch for some to want better health and others to merely want to be pain free. Anticipate skeptics, doubters and naysayers. In other words, the future looks a lot like today, except it hasn't happened yet.

While everyone else is on the sidelines waiting for hyperinflation, the next election, a stock market crash, increasing gas prices, rising sea levels, Obamacare or the next Hollywood scandal, it's time to take the driver's seat and grab the wheel. Create the future by making big plans and acting on them. While others shrink, expand. As others worry, be bold!

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Worse Than Being On Page Two

Peace of mind your website investment is workingIf your practice website is 3-4 years or older it's costing you.

The design and color palate is dated. It doesn't display well on smartphones and tablets. It practically screams, "WE'RE NOT KEEPING UP!"

As your website underperforms, it slips into a rundown neighborhood. The broken windows and graffiti on page three and four seem to suggest you've given up.

The rare prospective new patient who stumbles upon your site hits the back button and keeps looking.

It might even lead you to believe that websites don't produce new patients.

But you can change that. Upgrade to the Perfect Patients new patient website service. You'll know that your website investment is earning its keep because every new patient your site produces is identified by name by our exclusive New Patient Tracker.

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Am I an Idiot?

I'm conducting my one-day Disruptive Patient Communications seminars in Australia next month. In a recent promotional email to Australian chiropractors I listed some of my credentials: "I've been receiving weekly chiropractic care since 1981. I'm currently seeing my 9th chiropractor. I've conducted 54 patient focus groups. I've published 10 books and written over 700 blog [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Ignore Doubters

Careful that you don't venture into the wrong neighborhood on the Internet. You know, those websites that bash chiropractic as being unscientific or lacking sufficient evidence to be real, valid or helpful. Or the "chiropractic" forums that are little more than screeds about how the author was misled by his chiropractic college, a victim of [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Be Certain

We're drawn to those with high levels of certainty. The singer who uninhibitedly belts out the song. The preacher who passionately shares the truth without a hint of doubt. Or the short order cook who effortlessly juggles dozens of orders perfectly without breaking a sweat.Want to help more people? Work on your certainty.Identify every fear, every doubt; anything [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Instead of Worry

Worry is a way we pray for something we don't want. Many believe that worrying makes a difference, since most of what we worry about never manifests. Yet that's not proof that worrying works.More helpful is to create contingency plans. As in, "if this, than that." In other words, "if this happens, then I'll do that." That's what training [...]

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The Surprisingly Difficult Skill of Listening

Once a month I have a one-hour mastermind phone call with a terrific chiropractic coach. During his long career he has helped thousands of chiropractors. I consider it a privilege to know him and we regularly spend time exchanging thoughts, concerns, insights and testing new ideas.Each month one of us chooses a topic and then the following month we discuss [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | What Makes You Angry?

How often do you expend needless energy by being angry in situations you can't control? The airplane that is delayed due to weather? The traffic slow-down because of a car accident up ahead? The patient who is skeptical or ignores your recommendations? This self-created stress is largely useless and prevents us from focusing on more resourceful actions. It's a luxury [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Patient Goals

It's easy for some health care practitioners to forget that the patient's goal is rarely optimum health. After all, even those with incredible, vibrant health eventually die.Become mindful that better health is just a means to something higher and more important. Do you know what that is for each patient?For some, it's so they can get back to [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Seven Ways to Get New Patients

Here are seven essential tactics that produce new patients. Which ones do you use? Announce your availability - Let current patients know that you're still growing your practice and have openings to accept new patients. Referrals - Exceed patient expectations, hand out brochures, business cards and generally make it easy for patients to tell others. Reactivations - Use postcards, newsletters and [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Undeterred By Fear

Undeterred By Fear How well do you tolerate fear? Being undeterred by fear is a characteristic of high-performing chiropractors. Fear prompts many to avoid the truth. We talk too much, preventing others from expressing a contrarian view. We neglect to ask questions for fear that what we learn will shake our confidence or catch us unprepared. We refuse to take post [...]

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