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Monday Morning Motivation | Be Pampered

Posted by William Esteb on

William D Esteb

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be pampered?

You're probably long overdue for an experience in which you are being served rather than giving service. Whether a romantic weekend getaway or simply an afternoon at the spa, it will pay big dividends.

First, you deserve it. If you can't take a week, take a weekend. Allow yourself the opportunity to rest, recreate and reflect. Reconnect with your higher purpose and reinvent your practice by taking a break from it.

Second, you're going to get some ideas as you evaluate the service of another service provider. While it's easy to get wrapped up in functional improvements, ADLs and clinical outcomes, chiropractic care is experiential. Consider your pampering a “field trip” for ideas on how to better serve your patients upon your return.

Any momentum you lose will be quickly recovered. Remember, "All work and no play makes Jack..."

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Monday Morning Motivation | Eating Frogs

Mark Twain referred to it as "eating the frog." The idea being that if the first thing you do each day is eat a frog, you can relax knowing that the worst part of the day is behind you.Do you tend to put off the things that are difficult and do them last? Or tackle [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | What Patients Do

A common belief among some chiropractors is that, "If patients knew what I know, they would do what I do." In other words, if patients knew of the devastation of subluxation and the potential of chiropractic, they would show up regularly on a nonsymptomatic basis and pay cash for life.Only problem is it's not true.We [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | New Patients Need You

Dr. Patrick Gentempo observes, "You don’t need new patients. New patients need you." It's an important distinction often lost on chiropractors who make practice about themselves and getting their own needs met.It requires discipline to set aside your own concerns about paying your bills, servicing your debt, documenting your care, inspiring your team and responding [...]

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The Limitations of Chiropractic Patient Education

Do you feel misled about the promised payoffs of consistent patient education? Many chiropractors do. The unfortunate result is that these chiropractors often give up trying to educate their patients, taking the path of least resistance, surrendering to a patient’s allopathic mindset. Such a decision is the trailhead that leads to running a stressful “pain clinic” [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Being Findable

Are you findable by prospective new patients who have been threatened with back surgery, disappointed by medical solutions or finding the drug side effects unacceptable? These are individuals who have likely fulfilled their insurance deductible and grateful for a natural solution. Are you on their radar? Here are a couple of strategies to consider:AdWords – [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Talking Is Teaching

It's costly if you merely teach patients (outside in) rather than educate them (inside out). Relying on ineffective patient teaching and you'll likely experience: Patients who seek symptomatic relief only A heavy reliance on third party reimbursement Patient retention in the single digit range Spending large amounts of money on marketing Having a constant need for [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Allopathic Chiropractic

What if you were to never have another new patient for the rest of your career? What would you do?If this idea creates some unease because you've been in practice for 10 years or less, I understand. But what if you're an experienced pro with several decades under your belt?Chances are, if you've retained even [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Why Three Times a Week?

Managing a patient's expectations may be one of the most important reasons for having an organized patient education curriculum. And since many patients think your "prescription" of three "dosages" of adjustments each week is treating their pain (as a drug does), you might start there. Help them understand that your recommendations are designed to produce the [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Visit Frequency

You weren't issued a crystal ball with your practice license, so you're unable to predict the future. Too bad. So you'd want to be careful about suggesting when their symptoms might resolve. How about something like this?"Actually, you're the doctor here. So you control the speed of your recovery, not me. And how quickly that [...]

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