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Monday Morning Motivation | Barriers to Change

Posted by William D. Esteb on

William D Esteb

Why do so many great ideas remain unimplemented? Here are some of the biggies:

Off purpose – When exposed to the light of day, the idea either takes us away from our core purpose or contravenes our values some way.

Too much work – There isn't a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to go or the process seems too complicated.

Lack of support – If your team remains unconvinced, there may be a temptation to sabotage the new idea and it arrives stillborn.

Low return – Away from the reality distortion field created by the seminar speaker, a sober evaluation reveals that there isn't a sufficient return on the investment of time and energy.

No urgency – The pain of current circumstances doesn't eclipse the pain of making change. Thus, things at rest tend to remain at rest unless acted upon by another force. The result? No change.

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Monday Morning Motivation | Good Intentions

"If I can get just one idea from a seminar, it's worth it," a seminar attendee recently volunteered. Seems like a rather low bar to me. But it revealed a far more significant challenge since most chiropractors already have stacks of seminar notes containing countless great ideas that they have yet to implement.Maybe what she [...]

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Dear Bill | Used to Love What I Do

Dear Bill I used to love what I do. I’ve been in practice for 26 years and, unfortunately, am in no position to retire. I’m hanging on by a thread and at this point, what I used to love doing has actually become a job. All the joy has been taken out of it. I’m trying [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | So Called Miracles

The miracle is in the patient, not in the adjustment. Granted, without the adjustment the miracle is less likely. However, there are many so-called "miracles" that occur without adjustments. The notion that adjustments produce miracles is just as off base as the belief that adjustments are responsible for relief. This and similar beliefs overlook 1) whose doing [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Thank You and Goodbye

How many of your patients announce their last visit? "Just wanted to thank you and let know that this will be my last visit. I appreciate all your help and if I or someone I know ever needs a chiropractor, I'll be sure to send them your way." If you rarely hear something like this you may [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Controlling Patients

Trying to control patients, even if justified as being for their own good, is a form of arrogance. It reveals a sense of superiority ("I know what's best for you") and a mistrust of patients ("If given the choice you’'ll make the wrong one"). Other than fueling your need to control, this has little upside. [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Being Generous

How do you intend to be more generous next year? There are many ways to pay it forward: Generous with your time, lingering a few extra moments to hear the full story started by the cashier. Generous with your attention, making eye contact and being fully present with the patient who seems to need a bit more [...]

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Monday Morning Motivaton | Is Your Income Keeping Up?

If your income is languishing, help more people. Or hire another set of hands. Or... 1. Spend less time. Unless your patient visits are already under a minute, this holds the greatest promise. If your technique currently requires 10-15 minutes or more, check for two things. 1) Are you trying to do too much on each [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Entitlement and Unworthiness

Right up there alongside arrogance as a practice killer is entitlement. It’s an attitude I often see expressed by some of the newest chiropractors.It’s helpful to be reminded that practicing chiropractic is a privilege, not a right. The risk, time, attention and financial investment entitle you to absolutely nothing. The license is merely an admission [...]

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Do You Compete With Medicine?

Are you competing with medical doctors? Many forget that the very right to exist as a separate profession was the acknowledgement that chiropractic was not medicine, was different from medicine and did not compete with medicine. All these years later this distinction has been blurred, lost or ignored. If you use adjustments to treat headaches and back pain, you’re not only [...]

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