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Monday Morning Motivation | New Patient Attractability

Posted by William D. Esteb on

William D Esteb

Five things that suppress your new patient attraction:

Social cocoon - If you're an introvert, rarely encounter strangers and don't "get out," it's more difficult to grow a practice.

Great results - Assuming that your amazing technique or experiencing near instant relief will be enough to compel them to talk you up and overcome objections from their skeptics.

Entitlement - This is the "I'm a doctor and incurred a lot of debt to become one and have outfitted this office so I deserve respect and a constant stream of new patients" belief.

Care too much - Walking on eggshells, fearful that the slightest upset will send a patient packing, produces an unattractive, off-putting insecurity.

Projection - Superimposing your own health goals or financial situation onto patients is a classic sign of poor boundaries.

What surprises many is that being new patient attractive is a ratio between what you do (10%) and who you are (90%).

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Monday Morning Motivation | Random or Intentional?

You've probably seen the bumper sticker: "Perform Random Acts of Kindness." Great idea. Except for the random part.It's the notion of randomness that prevents many of us from actually acting on this suggestion. More helpful would be substituting the word "focused" or "intentional" or "repeated" or "consistent" for random. Imagine only randomly performing a thorough [...]

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Monday Morning Motivation | Deep Patient Connections

While the actual mechanism of healing may not be fully understood, there is widespread agreement that it stops the moment the soul vacates the body. Thus, healing has a spiritual component; something it seems you'd want every patient to know and understand. Even D. D. Palmer, the founder of the profession saw chiropractic as having a [...]

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"I'm a control freak." "I'm not a business person." "I'm hard to work for." "I'm not one of those philosophical chiropractors." These and other declarations are ways some chiropractors signal that they've become what someone else told them they were.Patients are handy at this too. "I'm a headache patient." "I have chronic low back pain." [...]

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