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Chiropractic supplies and patient education products from Patient Media simplify new patient orientation. Our videos and DVDs, along with our brochures and pamphlets, supply the essential explanations of chiropractic principles that every new patient should know. Created by William Esteb, equip your practice with these chiropractic supplies and give your report of findings greater impact. These are chiropractic supplies created by patients for patients. Read our chiropractic practice blog.

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What I'm Reading | Think Like a Freak

think_freak.jpgIn another time, a book like this would be called Thinking Outside the Box. But on the heels of their successful franchise that began with Freakonomics, authors Levitt and Dubner have opted to call it Think Like a Freak. Among their tips? Learn to say, "I don't know," think like a child, know when to quit and my favorite, learn how to persuade people who don't want to be persuaded. Full of surprising facts and details. Reminds me of the 150-year old quote by American humorists Josh Billings who observed, "The trouble with the world ain't ignorance, it's just that people know so much that isn't so."

Monday Morning Motivation | You Have To...

The words we use reveal who we are, our motivations, how we see the world and our role in it. This week be mindful of three common phrases that are often used in patient communications and their deeper implications:

"You have to..." Telling anyone with free will agency that they have to do anything is the height of hubris and frankly an example of exaggerating your social authority. It's actually a form of bluffing.

"You need to..." Another example of prescribing a particular set of patient actions designed to produce an outcome you want, not necessarily what the patient wants. Imposing your expectations can set you up for disappointment and produce shame should patients later choose not to fulfill your imposition.

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"I'll Be Back…"

Do your patients come back?It's the three-word phrase that gives most car salesmen fits. A potential buyer is about to walk off the lot without a sale and into the lair of some other car salesman. Apparently, most car salesmen figure the prospective customer will never return because they'll fall prey to a more effective pitch elsewhere. Which prompts many to go into attack mode with, "What will it take to put you in this car today?" and countless other high-pressure sales techniques that have conspired to besmirch the reputation of car salesmen.

Chiropractors intent on signing up a new patient for lifetime care on the first visit can be similarly off-putting.

Why so much pressure to get a commitment early on?

Is it because patients often discontinue care without warning and if you don't make your pitch early on you may never get a shot?

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Monday Morning Motivation | Telling the Truth

To invoke the confidence and hope so essential for healing in your next new patient, you must supply evidence you can be trusted.

High-level trust is unlikely if you have the habit of exaggerating the severity of their problem. Or need to be the hero. Or need them as a friend.

Instead, meticulously tell the truth.

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