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Monday Morning Motivation | Be the Rock

Posted by William D. Esteb on

William D Esteb

Many chiropractors mistakenly believe that by continually taking a sounding of each patient's commitment, satisfaction and level of participation, they can prevent or reduce patient drop out.

"Are you doing the exercise I suggested?" "Are you drinking more water like I recommended?" "Are you happy with your care so far?" "Do you still like me?"

Consumed by the need to know the patient's state of engagement, many chiropractors expend massive amounts of energy looking for reassurance and approval. The tragic result is the "I'll-be-anything-you-want-me-to-be" chiropractor. Besides being exhausting, this insecurity and lack of confidence is easily detected by patients. It ends up producing the very result the chiropractor was trying to prevent in the first place: dropout.

B. J. Palmer observed this problem over 50 years ago when he asked the rhetorical question, "Who can anchor to an unanchored mind?" Of course the answer is, no one. Be the rock.

Great Practices Have Great Teams

Teaches the why of chiropractic

Thriving practices, regardless of technique, philosophy or procedures always share one thing in common: a well-trained support team.

I know of no exceptions.

Staff training may not be your expertise. So let Bill do it for you using two resources that can become permanent fixtures in your orientation and training:

What Every Chiropractic Assistant Should Know - This third edition is better than ever, with 48-pages of essential information to help your newest team members understand how to be a healer at the front desk. Avoid hiring the wrong person by giving them copy before offering the job.

Chiropractic For Assistants - This one-hour audio seminar explains chiropractic principles in a concise, easy-to-understand style that informs and inspires. Test their comprehension by having them take the online quiz before and after listening.

Make sure everyone on your team knows the "why" not just the "what."

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