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Chiropractic Assistant Training Articles


Chiropractic Assistants are the true gatekeepers of your practice. These articles give you insights into leading (not just managing) your chiropractic support team.


Besides these articles, we offer a powerful chiropractic assistant training tool called Chiropractic For Assistants. This is a one-hour "mini seminar" that helps your support staff see the larger implications of being a paraprofessional and creates a more resourceful team player at the front desk.


The Three Phases of Staff Development

Article abstract: Recognize that given the chance, staff members pass through three stages of development. These stages are not unlike the three stages of care patients experience.

The Cost of Ownership

Article abstract: It's demoralizing for patients to see a new face behind the front desk, and it raises questions about behind-the-scenes working conditions and the doctor's management abilities.

Discretionary Energy

Article abstract: Poor leadership creates inattentive, unresponsive and detached employees. Great leadership fosters committed, enthusiastic and conscientious employees. Offices with low staff turnover and delighted patients are offices in which the doctor taps the "discretionary energy" of their staff.

The Perfect Staff

Article abstract: Based on the conversations I've had with staff members when the doctor is out of earshot, an interesting profile emerges.

Healing at the Front Desk

Article abstract: In short, each chiropractic staff member has the opportunity to dramatically affect the healing process--without even possessing the skill to adjust a patient!

Inspired Teams

Article abstract: If I were to ask your staff, would they tell me that they work with you or for you? Big difference.