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Chiropractic Patient Referral Articles


A patient referral is the ultimate compliment. If you ask for them, they're not referrals. Referrals are inspired, volitional and, believe it or not, ultimately a selfish act by patients so they can look good by helping others!


These short articles form some of the underpinning for our popular one-hour "mini-seminar" Abundant Referrals. Use these ideas to get you on your way:


Seven Reasons Why Patients Don't Refer

Article abstract: When patients look outside for solutions (drugs and surgery) and when doctors look outside (excuses and rationalizations) they rarely get lasting results. Growing a practice, like healing, is an inside job. Here are some common, yet often overlooked causes for a lack of referrals.

An Effective Referral Dialogue

Article abstract: Don't care what kind of patient is referred? It’s too vague to simply want someone warmer than room temperature with a spine. Bring focus to your efforts to stimulate referrals!

Creating Tangible Artifacts

Article abstract: Unlike a pair of pants, car tires, or other tangible items, professional services like chiropractic are intangible. This intangibility factor makes it difficult for some patients to be effective in their referral overtures.

Five Motives For Referring

Article abstract: For all the emphasis on referrals, few chiropractors have looked at the referral process from a patient's point of view. Doing so would give chiropractors new ways to stimulate or increase referrals from their patients—without asking.

The Halo Effect

Article abstract: Instead of mastering the techniques used to amplify and harness this phenomenon, many chiropractors resort to crude methods of practice promotion that are counterproductive.

Patient Referrals From the Inside Out

Article abstract: While a referral appears to be out of your direct control, there are many things you can do to increase the number of referrals you get. Here are just a few of the tactics employed by busy, referral-based practices.

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