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Chiropractic Patient Education Articles


Read these articles about chiropractic patient education if you want a more stable practice filled with people who want nonsymptomatic care.


Chiropractic patient education is not yakking at the X-ray view box. Nor is patient education raping a patient’s ear while they’re lying face down on your adjusting table. It may be called chiropractic patient education, but it’s actually patient teaching. Read these articles and discover the difference!


Four Patient Education Fallacies

Article abstract: If you take your responsibility as a teacher seriously, you have a professional obligation to educate your patients. The media won't. The state and national associations don't seem to. You're it.

Talk Is Cheap

Article abstract: While sociologists remind us that more than 70% of our communications are nonverbal, most chiropractors depend almost exclusively upon the words from their mouths as a means of communicating chiropractic to their patients.

The Illusion of Patient Education

Article abstract: The greatest fallacy about chiropractic patient education is the notion that it has actually occurred.

Essential Patient Education

Article abstract: What are the most important aspects of chiropractic that every patient should understand? A seminar audience produced this list to give you a head start.

Patient Education or Patient Teaching?

Article abstract: Teaching is an "outside-in" process. Education is an "inside-out" phenomenon. It comes from the root word meaning "to draw forth." Are you drawing from from patients?

The Me in Meaning

Article abstract: Your communication train derails before it even leaves the station when you salt and pepper your patient explanations with terms like fixation, degeneration, fibrosis, lipping, function, orthopedic and wellness!

The Biggest Lie in Chiropractic

Article abstract: You’ve probably heard the mantra spoken at chiropractic seminars: If patients knew what you knew, they would do what you do. It’s not true. It may sound great from the stage, but there are a half-dozen other issues in play.

The Four Stories

Article abstract: Give chiropractic greater context and meaning than the symptomatic relief that prompts most patients to begin their care by building on the Pain Story that brings them to your door.