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Chiropractic New Patient Articles


These articles about getting new patients offer practical tips. While many chiropractors think they have a new patient-getting problem, it’s usually a new patient-keeping problem.

New patients are the lifeblood of most practices. Discover new sources of patients by reading this new patient articles and seeing things from a patient’s point of view.

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13 Ways to Improve Your Yellow Page Ad

Article abstract: While I think money spent in the yellow pages could be better spent within the four walls of your clinic, here are some ideas to consider the next time the yellow page salesperson comes begging at your office.

Course Corrections

Article abstract: While chiropractors who find themselves in need of new patients often resent expending the energy required to restart their practices, here are some ways that may not be so unpleasant.

The Problem With Mall Shows

Article abstract: "I'm either going to become a mall-show-new-patient whore or get an AK-47 and go berserk," said a doctor with quiet resolve on the phone the other day.

A New Patient's Greatest Concerns

Article abstract: Here are some common concerns patients bring with them on their first visit or two, plus some approaches you might want to consider to reduce their defensive postures and enhance the healing process.

I Tried That But It Doesn't Work

Article abstract: Rarely to Olympic champions, successful entrepreneurs, or those who have accomplished great things observe, "It was a cakewalk. I found a shortcut and it was as easy as pie." The unwillingness to commit to a big task and invest significant amounts of energy is why most of us are surrounded by mediocrity.

New Patient Season

Article abstract: No need to ask for referrals. No need to beg for referrals. By simply being profoundly humbled by the opportunity to serve and by regularly delighting their patients, the universe rewards them with a bumper crop of patients, even during a drought.

New Patients 101

Article abstract: If you find yourself in this downward spiral, here are some observations and advice I’ve given countless doctors facing a similar plight. Perhaps these will give you the courage to take the action needed to get back into the game.

New Patients 201

Article abstract: Your personality, approachability, office environment, staffing, conversational style, perceived confidence level, language, patient respect, tone, timing, compassion and dozens of other factors all come into play. These issues are almost totally nonchiropractic and are practically entirely the result of your willingness to risk being… yourself.

New Patients From the Inside Out

Article abstract: What many chiropractors forget is that new patients are an effect, a symptom, a result. “Treating” the lack of patients with a short-term, outside-in therapy is a bankrupt idea, whether you’re trying to eliminate a patient’s headache or relieve the painful symptoms of a scarcity of new patients.