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Articles for New Chiropractors and Students


Here are some helpful articles for new chiropractors and DC2Bs. Scary and exciting all at once. Does your pride incline you to reinvent the wheel? As a new chiropractor, have you considered the advantages you have over existing practitioners?


Here are some chiropractic articles that specifically deal with the unique challenges of being a new chiropractor, plus some advice about what you can do before graduation.


Enter to Learn How

Article abstract: While chiropractic colleges churn out diplomaed graduates who are successful in passing state boards, they have played a cruel trick. Little in chiropractic college resembles the reality of private practice that is sufficient in producing the confidence necessary to exchange their valuable skills in a profitable manner!

Prep School

Article abstract: Having an experienced practitioner as a mentor is a great idea. But there are other things you can do while waiting to get your license that could be even more profitable and help you successfully launch your new practice.

What to Do Before Graduation

Article abstract: Here are some things you could be doing to better prepare yourself for the empty feeling that often shows up 24 hours after you walk across the stage in front of your loved ones to claim your diploma.

Dear Graduate

Article abstract: Armed with the knowledge necessary to pass the national examination the newest chiropractors will discover that their education has just begun. A lot has changed while they were in chiropractic college.

How to Start a Practice

Article abstract: It’s a tragic fact that most chiropractic colleges equip students with incredible healing skills, but devote little attention to how students can exchange these valuable skills on a win/win basis with patients. The result is one of four choices.

Goodwill Hunting

Article abstract: Buying an existing practice? It has it’s benefits. But before you buy the goodwill contained in all those inactive patient files, get some good answers to these three questions first!

New Practice Secrets

Article abstract: In an attempt to demystify a seemingly difficult transition from college into practice, here are the deepest, darkest secrets to chiropractic success. Thousands have paid dearly for this information.

Getting Your First New Patient

Article abstract: Getting patients into a brand new practice or one that has platueed boils down to two basic approaches. Either you get out of your office and entice potential patients to come see you, or you find others (and pay dearly for it) to do the same thing for you.

Should You Even Be a Chiropractor?

Article abstract: What those who counsel students rarely mention, is that it takes much more than adjusting skills and incredible diagnostic abilities to have a profitable and self-sustaining practice.

The Business of Business Cards

Article abstract: It rarely gets the attention of management gurus that it should. It is often one of the first visible thing created by a new doctor to be used to create the first (and most lasting) impression of those who get it.

What to Worry About

Article abstract: When I speak with student audiences, I try to address the many perceived fears about the eventuality of practice. Based on the questions I field, it appears that most student chiropractors are worrying about the wrong things!

How Much Do You Owe?

Article abstract: There is little that distracts chiropractic college students these days as much as the debt they’re incurring. However, if you have the extra energy to squander on such wasteful pursuits as worry, focus on a far more important subject.