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Chiropractor Motivation Articles


Chiropractor motivation is a common issue. These articles address this “occupational hazard” of professional caregivers and show you ways to put a spring back in your step.


Have you lost your mojo? Forgot why you became a chiropractor?


Find your compass. Get your bearings. Reclaim your purpose by reading these articles sure to motivate you and get your head back in the game.


The Magic Pill

Article abstract: Due to popular demand and the constant badgering of researchers, a new practice management tool has been developed. When used as instructed it results in 100% patient compliance.

10 Excuses

Article abstract: Those quickest for blaming issues seemingly outside their control as the reason for their pracice challenges, regularly include these common excuses.

I Have the Stuff, Where Are the Patients?

Article abstract: Most practice challenges are almost always personality related. Few will flock to hotel room ballrooms and to learn they need a personality transplant, yet, this is the only thing that could unleash many doctors' fullest practice potential.

The Counterfeit Practice

Article abstract: Not knowing who you are exposes you to the whims of the world. Many become the equivalent of the ball in a pinball machine, bouncing from one problem, situation, or opportunity, to the next.

When Doctors Are Hurting

Article abstract: Many chiropractors who are floundering, just getting by, or on the ropes waiting to be put out of their misery, lack conviction. Their chiropractic is a small chiropractic.

Bootstrapping the Struggling Practice

Article abstract: If you find the future closing in like the walls of the giant trash compactor in Star Wars, it’s time to end the charade and become a more attractive and successful example of chiropractic.

Stuck In a Doctor-Centered Practice?

Article abstract: I encounter doctors who have the capacity to help more people and the desire to help more people. With great effort, they can push the numbers higher for a period, only to settle back to their former, comfortable volume.

Out of Bounds

Article abstract: When physical, social, financial and clinical boundaries are blurred or vague, many chiropractors get sucked into a vortex of disappointment and ultimately, burn out.

Tired Out Or Turned On?

Article abstract: Balance your emotional checking account. Are you in the “red” because you allow yourself to get “nickeled and dimed” by each patient? Are you unknowingly seeking their approval?

Fixing Our State Associations

Article abstract: If state associations are going to be more than relicensure seminar sponsors, they must acknowledge something most have been afraid to face.