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Free Chiropractic Articles for Chiropractors
and Articles About Chiropractic Patients

These chiropractic articles capture the insights and observations of chiropractic patient and advocate Bill Esteb. Chiropractors will find these articles and short essays capture his "patient's point of view" and include practical action steps that will build your practice from the inside out. Many of these articles are excerpted from his chiropractic books and chiropractic blog posts.

article-thumbnail-4Chiropractic Report of Findings Articles

Your report of findings is one of your most important patient communications. How did the report of findings degenerate into a sales session? In this collection of chiropractic articles, learn how to avoid the most common report mistakes that chiropractors make when reporting their findings. more »

Patient Education Articles

Effective chiropractic patient education is what separates average chiropractors from extraordinary chiropractors. But what passes for patient education, is actually patient teaching. These chiropractic articles clarify this critical distinction and will give your patient communications greater impact. more »

article-thumbnail-7Patient Referrals Articles

Referrals are the lifeblood of successful chiropractic practices. They are inspired, volitional and a gift that patients give you. They are a "vote" of confidence in which they entrust their friendships with you. Ask for them, and they're not referrals. These articles reveal why patient referrals are ultimately selfish acts! more »

article-thumbnail-2Student and New Chiropractor Articles

If you're a DC2Be or a newly-minted chiropractor, these articles and essays offer specific action steps to avoid "stinkin thinkin" and launch your chiropractic career with success and certainty. Many have appeared as book chapters and published on the Chiropractic Economics site for new chiropractors. more »

article-thumbnail-6Chiropractor Motivation Articles

Burnout is a significant occupational hazard of being a chiropractor. Read these chiropractic articles and learn ways to diagnose the "overdraft of your emotional checking account" and get back in the game. Find your North Star, reclaim your purpose and stop trying to live someone else's notion of success! more »

article-thumbnail-5New Patient Articles

It appears to be a new patient getting problem. But it's a new patient keeping problem! In these articles, get an entirely new perspective and how to solve this issue once and for all. Discover why chiropractic virgins have to start and stop care many times before embracing chiropractic as a lifestyle adjunct. more »

article-thumbnail-8Financial Policy Articles

Chiropractors are experiencing the effects of reduced insurance reimbursement. This means your financial policy must change. Even if you're not ready for a cash practice, read these articles and pick up some pointers to help you with an entirely new patient responsibility: financial patient education. more »

article-thumbnail-1Chiropractic Marketing Articles

Chiropractors become chiropractors so they can help people by practicing chiropractic. Only to find they ended up in a small business, facing the same challenge as virtually all other small business: marketing. These articles include chiropractic practice marketing ideas you won't find anywhere else. more »

article-thumbnail-9Staff Training and Leadership Articles

Chiropractic college doesn't prepare you for hiring or training your chiropractic assistant. Without a teammate committed to your vision, your practice will never achieve its full potential. Read these articles and glean some helpful insights to inspire your staff to make an emotional investment in your practice. more »

article-thumbnail-10Dear Bill Articles

Hardly a week passes without an email from a chiropractor asking Bill for some advice on any one of a dozen subjects. Some of the most helpful questions and answers can be found in these short email snippets. Eavesdrop in on some of these private emails and read his from-the-patient's-point-of-view answers. more »