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Chiropractic Financial Policy Articles


Why financial policy articles? Because today, along with chiropractic patient education you have the added burden of financial patient education. This is new territory for a lot of chiropractors who have grown accustomed to generous reimbursement from insurance companies.


Here are some articles with some ideas you may want to consider as reimbursement declines, co-pays rise and paperwork increases. For a more complete curriculum, consider our Converting To Cash program.


Managing the Patient's Pocketbook

Article abstract: Do patients blame their shortsighted insurance carrier? No. They blame you.

Beyond the Box on the Wall

Article abstract: In the "old days" before insurance equality, but after the donation box-on-the-wall method of chiropractic compensation, there was generally one fee for an adjustment.

Making Chiropractic Valuable

Article abstract: Lowering fees is almost always just an expedient way to treat a symptom. The cause is a lack of value communicated by the doctor, or not adding enough value to the patient's experience of receiving care.


Article abstract: Doctors interested in being included in whatever becomes the nation's health plan overlook the idea that if chiropractic is included, Medicare will likely be the operational model.

Competing Against Managed Care

Article abstract: A week doesn't pass that I don't get calls from doctors challenged by patients who tell their doctor in effect, "You're not on my list, I can't see you any more."

The Free Adjustment

Article abstract: Often referred to as a "professional courtesy," free chiropractic care from your chiropractic colleagues seems to come with the accomplishment of having earned a diploma. No wonder chiropractors have such a misguided notion about how much their patients value chiropractic care!

Five Reasons Not to Accept Assignment

Article abstract: For those ready to take the plunge; those who want to reclaim their practices from the incursion of third parties; those who are prepared to avoid the path of least resistance, here are five reasons to stop taking assignment.

Presenting Your Financial Policy

Article abstract: Many patients don’t discover the limitations of their policies until they show up in your office. You may find yourself educating patients about how the “business” of health care works these days.

What Are You Worth?

Article abstract: Do you look outside for your affirmation or do you look inside? Do you look to the culture to derive your validation or do you look to your conscience? Are you externally motivated or internally motivated?