Patient Media

Dear Bill...

Here are some of my responses to privately posted questions from chiropractors, students and staff around the world. Perhaps they will be helpful to you.

Do you have a question you'd like answered from a patient's-point-of-view? E-mail it.

Should I have a high or a low entrance exam fee?

Asking patients, "Why do you think chiropractic can help you?"

Using the word "patient" or the word "client."

I ask patients a question and they say, "I don't know."

How do I get people to attend my lecture?

Do you have any ideas for messages to put on my sign?

Who can help me convert to a cash practice?

Do you have a patient letter announcing a switch from insurance to cash?

What is your opinion of sEMG machines?

Do you think that my patients see me in an inferior light because I'm also the receptionist, etc?

How do I upgrade my Patient Media videos to DVD?

How do I get opportunities to give my Dr. You Lecture?

What do I need to give to the patient in order for them to submit their insurance claims themselves?

What is your take on prepaid plans?

What are your recommendations for a new office to attract patients?

What fee presentation have you seen that makes sense from a patients prospective?

Any hints or tips on how to get price shoppers to schedule an appointment?

I am a control freak and need your help.

Why don't you have a CD with basic chiropractic information that could be played in our waiting room?

How do I get my patients to willingly ask me to examine their children?

What are your suggestions on MAKING people take the pamphlets!

What are the key questions I should ask that could improve the chances of hiring a good assistant?

We want to do a really nice job on a testimonial book for our front office. Any ideas on the “right” questions?

Forceful collections without being unkind?

Not washing hands after going potty?

What works best to reactivate patients?

I have patients who keep canceling appointments.

My newsletter used to work, but now it doesn't.

A packet to leave behind when we introduce ourselves.

My new techniques are more time-consuming. What to do?

Should I name my practice after myself, my town or something else?

How would you defend the stance of not getting flu shots?

I use your "patch" verses "fix" model in my reports but patients who I thought "got it"  drop out after 12 to 15 visits.

Could you give me some suggestions for a door-to-door patient survey?

Do you have a letter I can use to introduce myself to PI lawyers?

Does it violate HIPPA requirements to send Birthday and Thank You cards to our patients?

Do you have any insights regarding "time of service discounts"?

Do you know of any consulting firms that help you JUST start up an office?

I have patients who suffer a relapse and return to my office…

Do you propose doing a choice report (patch-up or corrective) or simply focusing only on the initial phase of care?

Do you prefer the term patient or practice member?

Do you have a letter I could send to people who have been in a car accident?

Do you have any suggestions to help us to help our doctor to stay on time?

What brochures do you have that discuss "retracing"?

What is your opinion of the future with EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) and the need for chiropractic to conform to randomized double-blinded studies?

I'm not finding it easy to be positive. Do you have any suggestions on how to do that?

What's your take on annual care plans?

Patient priorities and high PVA.