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Marketing chiropractic and marketing your chiropractic practice is one of the key responsibilities of running a small business. Yet, chiropractic marketing wasn't covered at chiropractic college!

Why do some chiropractic practices thrive while others on the same street in the same town struggle to see new patients? Marketing! Discover the distinctions between advertising and marketing. Embrace the headspace necessary to create a chiropractic marketing consciousness.


Identifying Your Ideal Patient

Article abstract: Not all patients are created equal. Sure, everyone deserves chiropractic care, but in this article learn how to target the types of chiropractic patients you especially enjoy serving.

Turning Junk Into Jewels

Article abstract: A chiropractic newsletter can be a powerful ally in stimulating referrals and improving reactivations. Here are some key points when evaluating your patient newsletter.

The Three Ways to Grow a Practice

Article abstract: Most chiropractors focus on the first strategy: get more customers. But the other two ways can help you get off the new patient treadmill.

Sitting on a Gold Mine

Article abstract: It's common knowledge that it costs much more to get a new patient, then to keep an old one. What are you doing to tap into your trophy case?

What About Advertising?

Article abstract: Depending upon advertising, besides classic symptom treating, is often a sign of a chiropractor's poor physical, mental or social well-being.

15 Practice Marketing Ideas That Work

Article abstract: For chiropractors who want a checklist of action steps they can do to improve their practice visibility, here are more than a dozen.

Is Handing Out Brochures Selfish?

Article abstract: Just about every practice has a brochure rack, but few chiropractors know how to use them! Here's a how-to on turning brochures into new patients.

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