Patient Media

Our Strategic Alliances

Patient Media has teamed up with several respected organizations in the profession:

perfect patients logo

Perfect Patients Website Service

We've adapted our Patient Media content for our sister company, Perfect Patients to use on websites for chiropractors. But realize, you don't want a website product, you want a website service!

cla logo

Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

We create patient communication tools for Chiropractic Leadership Alliance chiropractors which are used to explain sEMG and thermographic readings to the patients of chiropractors who use their technology.

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KMC University

Kathy Mills Chang is the go-to person for documentation, coding, collections and patient financial management advice. We've collaborated with KMC University for our popular chiropractic paperwork project.


N E T logo

Neuro Emotional Technique

We have created several brochures used to explain the emotional subluxation and it’s correction. We believe the “Home Run Formula” helps patients (and DCs!) see beyond the “bone-out-of-place” model of chiropractic.

medical arts press logo

Medical Arts Press

We supply a limited number of our patient education products to Medical Arts Press and HMI Practice Resources. They provide support materials such as brochure racks and other practice accessories.