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Monday Morning Motivation | Success Leaves Clues - Leaderhip

Success leaves clues. Among the most common are chiropractors who give a formal report of findings.

Forget about any notion of the perfect report of findings, if such a thing even exists. When you give a report of findings, you are exercising your role as a leader. Without laying out the evidence and making a case for your recommendations, you're surrendering your practice to the symptomatic, let's-give-it-try whim of each patient.

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Why I Feed the Birds

What are your spiritual disciplines?I have asserted that everything manifests spiritually before appearing physically. Everything. As in new patients, your life partner and anything else that you can eventually acknowledge through the five senses.

If that's true, then perhaps an unexplored area for practice growth could be in the spiritual domain. I'm guessing many practice coaches and consultants see the spiritual dimension as a third rail; too controversial to be explored. Might offend someone. Too bad, because the effect is to reduce practice success to the mere mechanics of some procedures and carefully scripted words.


Ask any chiropractor, who right now, with the specter of $5,000 deductibles and $45 copays, are experiencing their best year ever, if all it takes is the right set of words and procedures to excel. They'd probably burst into laughter.

Here are some of the spiritual dimensions of practice that busy chiropractors might identify:

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Monday Morning Motivation | Success Leaves Clues - Curiosity

Success leaves clues. Among the most common are chiropractors who show up curious, asking great questions.

The typical chiropractor has a well-developed examination room patter. "Do you feel the restriction here?" "How many hours of sleep do you typically get?" "What makes it worse?" You know the drill.

Yet, after five or six visits as symptomatic improvement runs its course, probing questions are reduced to the weather or last night's reality show.

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Creator or Consumer?

What do you use to relax?If you've heard me at a live speaking event in the last couple of years, you've probably heard my rant about domesticated chiropractors who watch too much commercial television. It's difficult to be the counter-culture-non-mainstream health care advocate if you're drinking the same allopathic Kool-Aid and do-have-be philosophy that your patients consume.

The effect is multiplied by those who watch, read or listen to what the mainstream media refers to as the "news." Designed to attract eyeballs, and in the case of radio, ears, so they can be sold to advertisers, you may have noticed the steady decline from journalism to fear mongering peppered with press releases from drug companies and the latest doublespeak out of Washington.

Participating in our media culture by regularly consuming it is a surefire way to become depressed, worried, fearful and demotivated. These aren't the raw materials you need for growing a practice, trimming the sails and managing the tiller.

Allow me to propose a radical solution that can give you the "peace of God that exceeds all understanding."

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