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Monday Morning Motivation | More Life or Less Pain?

If it's true that "laughter is the best medicine," then laughter is something you'd want to hear a lot of in your practice. Yet sadly, some chiropractic offices are somber environments able to combine the hushed tones of a library with the solemnity of a funeral.

Ultimately, this is about the "tone" of your practice. Is your tone tight, focused and serious? (High tone.) Is your tone soft, forgiving and inviting? (Low tone.) Or something in the middle? Or have you thought about it? (Tone deaf.)

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Dear Bill | Unhealthy Patient Attachment

Do you create sticky patients?Dear Bill,

Q: “I believe that a trait that many successful chiropractors have, is not being attached to patient's decisions about care. I struggle with this. How do I let go of this attachment?”

A: My guess is, if you had more than enough patients, you wouldn’t have time to worry about what patients do. That said, here are some areas to consider:

1. Set clear boundaries—know what’s yours and what’s theirs. Create greater clarity around what your obligations and responsibilities are. (Responsible = able to respond) Care, but avoid caring too much.

2. Know that what patients do is not a reflection on you. Each patient has been granted free will to value their health as they please.

3. Avoid depending upon your patients to your social needs met. This is a common cause of attachment that is often the basis for many patient leadership issues.

Hope that helps.


Monday Morning Motivation | Relationships Based On a Lie

Two things about relationships that begin based on a lie: they tend to be brief and they tend to end badly.

I raise this because there are chiropractors who accept new patients under the pretense that they are treating the patient's ache or pain. It's a lie. Instead, chiropractic depends upon reviving the self-healing capacity of the patient by reducing nervous system interference. Which, as it manifests from patient to patient, is impossible to predict or control.

The expectation of reducing the patient's symptoms is based on several unhelpful assumptions:

1. The stressor that produced the patient's problem is no longer present.
2. The patient is willing to reform lifestyle choices that could impair their ability to heal.

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Monday Morning Motivation | Hang In There

Much of the innovation we take for granted was first rejected, ridiculed and resisted.

Electric light bulb? "What's wrong with my kerosene lamp?" Automobile? "My horse gets me everywhere I need to go." Telephone? "Who would I call?" Overnight delivery? "Why would I need it?" The list is endless.

I remind you of this because of the popular ignorance surrounding chiropractic care. "Thankfully, I don't have a back problem." "Muscle relaxers are more convenient." "Once you go, you have to go for the rest of your life." You know the list.

Someday, perhaps in our lifetime, the genius of D. D. Palmer will be recognized. As will the wisdom of enhancing function by reducing nervous system interferences resulting from our attempts to accommodate physical, chemical or emotional stress.

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